Corvus OS v16.7 Obsidian Gaming ROM Changelogs

Corvus OS v16.7 Obsidian Gaming ROM hai aur ye ROM sabhi Devices

Ke aata hai is ROM ko Indian Gamer ko dhiyaan me rakh ke banaya gaya hai

Corvus OS v16.7 gaming performance ke liye banaya gaya hai. 

BGMI me 90FPS bhi bahut se device me dekhne ko milega

Aur bgmi ko khelne me koi lag nahi dekhne ko milega best for BGMI



Corvus OS v16.7-Obsidian Changelogs

• Merged android-11.0.0_r39 SP 

 • Added New QS Header dateview 

 • Added QS custom Header images (OmniStyles)  

 • Added new Corvus header pack 

 • Added QS Panel weather  

 • Added Secure lockscreen QS  

 • Added Faceunlock animation 

 • Added HW keys customisation support 

 • Added support for HW home button wakeup

 • Re-Implemented the whole FOD with the latest los changes

 • Massive improvements in FOD

 • Added new FOD animations

 • Added new FOD Pressed layer (light yellow)

 • Added new FOD Icons for OnePlus 8 series

 • Added support to allow user to disable FOD night light when active

 • Added FOD system overlays

 • Added FOD Icon Animations (thanks to SSOS and Zaid)

 • Added Corvus FOD Icon

 • Re-Added Reticker (Fixed QS Panel glitch, might still cause sysui restart)  

 • Added Settings to hide notch 

 • Reimplemented force full screen apps settings 

 • Fixed vibration feedback on Fingerprint error/success 

 • Added toggle to enable media art background in QS media player 

 • Added toggle for colored statusbar icons 

 • Nuked smart charging 

 • Added full width to Battery graph view 

 • Added toggle for Notification/Ring vibration in Audio settings 

 • Improvements to System Blur 

 • Added new set of Fonts 

 • Added Pixel Offline charging animation 

 • Added Lockscreen Blur 

 • Added partial screenshot toggle 

 • Added power button press fingerprint toggle 

 • Added Optional screenshot QS Tile 

 • Added new Clockstyles (Fluid, SSOS, Cronos, Clockertino, IDE etc) 

 • Updated webview providers 

 • Added new FaceUnlock from Pixel Experience 

 • Extended FaceUnlock to AppLock 

 • Fixed wrong QS reboot to recovery tile message 

 • Added new Navbar styles

 • Nuked Equaliser (unstable in most of the devices)

 • Added More sassy wallpapers

 • Fixed avatar click action on settings searchbar

 • Bug fixes and overall performance improvements

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